Politics of The Church

This post will result in a few different reactions from those of you who read it. There will be those of you who agree, those who are upset by this, those who disagree with this, and those who will want action to be taken against me because of this.

Examining Fourteen [Contradicting?] Fundamentals

…by proving contraries, truth is made manifest… Joseph Smith Jr. (HC 6:428) In October of 2010 I sat in a cabin with friends watching General Conference. I remember being a bit dumbfounded when I heard two talks that were, if my recollection is accurate, nearly the exact same talks. Both talks covered President Ezra Taft Benson’s BYU … More Examining Fourteen [Contradicting?] Fundamentals

A Prophet Considered

One question I received, in response from my blog post, was along these lines (I’m not directly quoting because I haven’t gotten this individual’s permission to share our conversation): When Joseph Smith Jr. was Prophet it was published and spoken of often about seeing Christ, visions, angels etc. My question is: I assume that Thomas … More A Prophet Considered

By Their Fruits

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matthew 7:20 In yesterday’s post I made mention of how I sustain President Monson in his calling as President of The Church. I also said that I do not view President Monson, or any of the subsequent Presidents of The Church since Joseph Smith, as being equals with … More By Their Fruits