Six Blind Men

Demon: They wrung your soul like a piece of wet laundry. And after they squeezed every last drop of good out of your body, what did they do? Excommunication. Oh, my poor boy. Don’t let your life be the last thing they take.     Father Marcus: Six blind men go into a room. There’s … More Six Blind Men

I Met Jesus

Last night I met Jesus. Allow me to clarify: I dreamt of Jesus. I have read numerous accounts of individuals who have had Jesus administer to them, and I do not consider this receiving my Calling and Election or the Second Comforter, but it is worth sharing. The setting is a place I do not … More I Met Jesus

Be Not Afraid, Only Believe — In What?

Discussion with my mission friend has continued. After reading my previous post, he suggested that I read Be Not Afraid, Only Believe by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. President Uchtdorf begins by talking about the Old Testament prophet, Daniel. He described Babylon and how Daniel was taken into Babylon and exposed to their philosophies and beliefs but … More Be Not Afraid, Only Believe — In What?